Different types of wine and their temperature requirements

Several of us are wine collectors of both red and white wine. So, starting your search for the correct wine fridge might initially seem overwhelming. But there is no need to ponder this, as online shopping has improved so that your decision would be easy as pie.  Bodega43 UK is one of a mass of manufacturers specialising in constructing wine fridges that would accommodate both types of wine. In addition, your need for the correct wine cooler temperature should take precedence before making your final decision on which wine fridge would suit your individual needs.

Red and white wine storage temperature

Many wine experts say you can store red and white wine between 7 – 18 degrees Celsius. But in contrast, it is recommended that 12 degrees Celsius would be the ideal temperature that needs to be upheld. This temperature is slightly warmer as many red wine collectors prefer this type of wine to age in the appropriate way. In addition, the serving temperature for such a wine is seen as more mellow than that of a cooler white wine. Subsequently, keep in mind that extreme heat is an enemy to any wine. Heat over 21 degrees Celsius is described as detrimental to red and white wine, which would lead to a sour, acuity or jammy flavour. And this is a no-go zone for any wine connoisseur.

The history of red wine

It is estimated that 7th-century BC lyrical poet Alcaman first mentioned red wine. In addition, it was also known to the ancient Greeks as “black wine”. Archaeological findings led to the first discovery of red wine, where yeast stuck to grapes kept in storage, turning the sugars in the grapes into alcohol. Furthermore, the importance of red wine can be seen in biblical times when Christians saw it as the blood of Christ.

Historical events of white wine

Many historians have applauded the Romans and Greek cultures, who played a pivotal role in refining the taste of white wine we enjoy today. In addition, white wine has existed for over 7,000 years. However, ancient Chinese and Iranian cultures were the first wine connoisseurs to invent this white wine form. In conclusion, we will appreciate our next glass of wine when considering historical facts.

Benefits of a wine fridge

Upon owning a state-of-the-art wine fridge, you would be pleased that their unique mechanisms do not only provide the correct storage temperature but other features as well. In addition, the correct humidity is stabilised at a perfect 70% level. If this crucial aspect is lacking, it will lead to unwanted damage to the wine itself. If the story goes above 70%, the moisture would be too high, leading to mould formation. Moreover, if the level is too low, the wine corks would dry out, and unfavourable oxygen seepage would enter the wine. Destroying every aspect that makes a good red wine. The inclusion of a proper seal within the wine fridge’s door would prevent any air fluctuations from occurring within the wine fridge. And last but not least, the unit’s glass door is also equipped with UV protection to keep those nasty sun rays from entering.

The origins of red and white wine

The beautiful country of Georgia has been given the medal as the first country that started the first cultivation process of wine. During an expedition in 2007, archaeologists came upon the origins of wine, estimated to have happened 8,000 years ago. Georgian culture has now been given the proud name of “ the very core of the wine drinking culture”.

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