Presbyterian Church to host electronics, appliance recycle day

Presbyterian Church, 330 Concord Highway, Sudbury, to host electronics and appliance recycle day from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Aug. 14 in the parking good deal.  

People can choose the following goods: 

• Small electronics things: computer towers, scanners, VCR, printers, copier (big 10-20), DVDs, stereo tools, laptop or computer, lights, vacuum, answering equipment, fax, speakers, compact discs, circuit boards, radios, file gamers, modems, word processor, enthusiasts, video clip products, video game console, Xbox, and so on., tape gamers and typewriters for $5 just about every. 

• Appliances: dishwasher, dryer, stove, $20 microwave, $10 for small and $20 for large ones 

• Lawn mowers, equipment, $10-$30 snow blowers, $20 

• 18” to 26” TVs and monitors/flat panel monitors, $20  

• 27” to 35” for $25 over for 35” $35 projection Television set, $40  

• AC, dehumidifiers, refrigerators ($40 large), $20 

• Grills and treadmills, $20 empty propane tanks and weight sets, $10 

No cost on these products: keyboards, car batteries, cables, wire and cell phones. 

Also included will be Bicycle Recycle Working day, no payment. Individuals can consider their unwanted old or new bicycle and fall it off, it will be reused again. 

All towns welcome. For a lot more info, visit 

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